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Why Do You Need a Lawyer after a Personal Injury Accident?

A personal injury accident is something that could change your entire life. In an instant, you may need medical and other assistance for the rest of your life. As anyone can tell you, constant medical attention is not cheap. If you are injured in an accident, you need to hire a lawyer to make sure that all of your rights are protected.

Most people think of car accidents when they think of hiring a lawyer. But there is a long list of incidents that require the assistance of a legal professional. Some of those incidents include:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Motorcycle or ATV Accident
  • Boating Incident
  • Bicycling Accident
  • Snowmobile Accident
  • Public Transportation Accident

It is important that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible because the insurance companies will get involved in the situation very quickly. To make sure that you get the settlement you deserve, it is best if you leave the contact with the insurance companies to a lawyer. An insurance company may try to get you to agree to a settlement that is well below what you need, and below what you deserve.

The list of serious injuries you can get in a personal injury accident that can change your life is long. Some of the more serious injuries include:

  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Partial or Complete Amputation
  • Knee or Leg Damage

Some of these serious injuries can change the way you live your life. A traumatic brain injury could prevent you from being able to ever work again. Without the proper kind of settlement and government benefits in place, you may not be able to survive. A lawyer will look out for your best interests and make sure that you get the kind of financial assistance you need.

If you have been in a personal injury accident, then your first step is to collect as much information from the scene as possible. Take pictures of the scene and obtain information about the people involved, including any witnesses. Try to get as many witnesses names and contact phone numbers as you can. When the police officer has completed his accident report, be sure to ask how you can get a copy of that report.

After receiving any emergency medical attention that you may need, your next step needs to be hiring a lawyer. There will be a lot of details involved in settling your case and a lot of people to talk to. One wrong move could mean a civil lawsuit against you or lost benefits from an insurance compensation settlement. A lawyer will help you to avoid those issues and make sure that you get the kind of settlement you need to live your life as normally as possible.


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