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What Travel Challenges Do Rural Areas Pose?

You don’t have to be a personal injury lawyer to understand the importance of being safe no matter where you are. While Toronto and other metropolitan areas of Ontario offer the bright lights and big city glamor that attracts people from all over the world, there is still plenty of rural countryside in the province for people to explore. Before you head out to see the rural areas of Ontario, it always helps to understand the unique travel challenges the countryside offers and it is also good to have some suggestions on how to handle those challenges.

Traveling At Night

One of the biggest challenges when traveling in rural areas is the noticeable lack of lighting at night. The homes and other private properties in the area may have their walkways and driveways properly lit, but the public roads are often not covered by adequate lighting. A good car accident lawyer knows that inadequate road lighting, especially in bad weather, can be extremely dangerous.

The most obvious solution to this issue is to avoid driving at night. But if you must drive at night in rural areas, then pay close attention to the road and use your high-beam headlights when appropriate. If you have additional fog lighting available on your vehicle, then you should consider using that as well.

Lack of Roadside Services

If you know that you will be driving for extended periods of time on rural roads, then it is always a good idea to bring some extra fuel and a first aid kit with you as well. If the weather is getting colder, then put a blanket in your trunk in case your car breaks down. When your car breaks down in rural areas, you will not get the same speedy response you would get in more populated areas. You should be prepared for the lack of roadside services and have extra supplies on hand.

Road Obstructions

Some catastrophic injury claims from rural areas are the results of the unexpected road obstructions that are common when traveling along the countryside. It can take some time for road crews to make it out to repair potholes and other issues with rural roads. That is why you should always pay close attention to rural roads and look out for any damage that may cause you problems.

Rural areas also tend to be home to large farm animals and some wild animals that will often run out onto the road into oncoming traffic. This is most common at night, but it can happen at any point in the day. Always be wary of the animals that could cross your path on a rural road and be prepared to brake if your path is obstructed.

Snow Plowing

Snow plows can take a while to get out into the rural areas, and that can cause problems for people who are traveling those areas for the first time. If you can avoid traveling in rural areas during a snowstorm, then that would be the ideal solution. If you do get caught traveling a rural area during a snowstorm, then take it very slow and put your hazard lights on to warn drivers coming up behind you that you are there.


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