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What You Should Do After a Personal Injury

Personal Injury Checklist
If you've been injured in an accident or by other means, there are certain steps which you must take to protect your rights. Doing so will assist you in reaching the best possible recovery. We've compiled a checklist of items that we hope will help in the unfortunate event you are injured. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

  •  Seek required medical attention.
  •  If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, inform the police about your accident or incident involving a motorized vehicle or boat.
  •  Record the insurance information of any vehicles involved in the accident.
  •  Record the names and addresses of all involved parties and witnesses to the accident.
  •  Inform your family doctor of the injury and keep track of the physicians and health care professionals you have seen.
  •  Notify the accident benefits insurance company within 7 days of your automobile accident.
  •  Notify your employer or school of your accident and injury.
  •  Keep receipts of all accident related expenses. Family members should also record the dates and time spent caring for the injured person.
  •  Check for other insurance coverage. (i.e. through your work, school, or private plans)
  •  For slips and falls on sidewalks and roadways, immediately notify the municipality where the fall occurred about your claim. You should contact one of our lawyers to do this on your behalf.
  •  For private property slips and falls, for example in a mall, make sure that the injury is reported to the management office and a report taken. Ask for a copy of the incident report. Ask if there is a security camera that may have recorded the fall.

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