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Watch For Drunk Drivers When You Are On the Road

It only takes one drunk driver to ruin the lives of many people. A personal injury lawyer hears stories of how drunk drivers have taken or changed lives way too often. As a motorist, there is nothing you can do to stop someone from drinking and getting into a vehicle and driving. The Ontario police are there to stop and punish those people who drive drunk. Some of the penalties for drunk driving in Ontario are:

  • Immediate suspension of license (during the roadside stop!) if you refuse a breathalyzer or if you have a blood alcohol level of 0.05 or more.
  • Drivers under 21 years old must have no alcohol in their blood at all or they will instantly lose their licenses.
  • Your vehicle could be impounded for seven days and you would be responsible for the costs to get it out of the impound lot.
  • You could face monetary fines that range from $150 to $500 or more.

Despite the penalties and risks involved with drunk driving, there are still people in Ontario who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, then contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

There are a few things you can do which could prevent you from having to meet with the catastrophic injury lawyers in your area:

Move Off the Road

A drunk driver can appear at any time and on any road. You may be driving along a country road at night and see someone driving off the road behind you, or you may see someone weaving through downtown traffic at rush hour. When you see a drunk driver, you should pull off to a parking area until the driver has had a chance to pass you by. Never assume that the drunk driver is going to be able to maintain control until he gets past you. Don’t take any chances. You should get off the road until he has passed you by.

Call the Police

When you see a drunk driver, you should immediately call the Ontario police department. If you can get the car’s make, model, color and license plate number, then that would make it easier for the police to find the vehicle and stop the driver from possibly hurting anyone. The more vigilant people are about reporting drunk drivers, the more lives that can be saved.

Stay off the Road

Unfortunately, there are certain nights throughout the year that seem to have more drunk drivers than others. New Year’s Eve, Canada Day, and just about any summer weekend can cause people to celebrate and then try to drive home. If you do not need to be out on the roads during those times, then stay home and stay safe. If you do have to go out, then be vigilant and pay close attention to the drivers around you.


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