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Safety Tips For Driving In An Unfamiliar Area

Driving your car to and from work every day becomes a habit that you could almost do blindfolded after a while. Even when you drive to a family member’s house once a year for the holidays, you still have a sense of familiarity with the area that puts your mind at ease when you are driving.

But when you are driving in an area that you are unfamiliar with, every personal injury lawyer will tell you that your sense of anxiety will rise. There is a certain amount of stress involved with driving in an unfamiliar area, especially when you are also trying to find the address of the location you are headed to. A car accident lawyer can offer some very good tips on how to stay safe when driving in an unfamiliar area. You should also look to an experienced lawyer immediately if you do find yourself involved in an accident in a place you are not familiar with.

Plan Ahead

Most people program the address they are headed to into their GPS system and then hope for the best. While the latest GPS systems are very accurate and helpful, road conditions can change that the GPS is not aware of. There could be construction going on that changes your route and your GPS may not know where to go. Before you head out to someplace you have never been before, research your route and have a good idea of where you are headed. You may even want to print out some directions off the Internet to have as a backup in case your GPS directions start to send you in what appears to be the wrong direction.

Travel During The Day

If you can choose to travel to an unfamiliar area during the day, then that would be the best approach to take. Catastrophic injury lawyers will tell you that many of the auto accidents that happen at night are caused by people who are unfamiliar with the area. If you can split up a longer journey so that you are not driving at night, then that would be an ideal way to increase your safety on the road.

Stay On The Major Routes

The reason that the GPS directions can sometimes seem out of the way is because the GPS will usually plan routes on roads that are used frequently. When you stick to the major roads, you will find more gas stations, hotels and restaurants available to you when you need them. You will also notice that the major routes have more street lights than the back roads, which is an important part of planning a safe trip.

Follow The Posted Speed Limits

Plan your trip around following the posted speed limits in areas that you are unfamiliar with. When you follow the posted speed limits, you are better able to react quickly to unexpected changes in the roads, and you will also avoid the problems that come with getting a speeding ticket in a place you have never been before.


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