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Am I Covered if I am Struck by an Uninsured Motorist?

The people of Ontario have a lot of motor vehicle laws that they have to keep track of. One of the most basic laws is that every motorist must be insured in order to register and drive a motor vehicle. Actually, this is a law all over Canada. It is supposed to cut down on the public’s burden if there is an automobile incident. The premise is that the insurance companies and not the provincial government will cover the problem. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

No matter where you go in Canada, you will come across motorists who are blatantly breaking the law by driving without insurance. Not only are they breaking the law, but they are putting everyone else at risk. If that uninsured motorist causes an accident, then the victims may not be able to get the financial assistance they need. Each province has an allowance for damage done by an uninsured driver, but the limits vary from province to province.

Each province in the country carries a coverage limit to help out victims of uninsured drivers. While there is a maximum limit set in each province, that limit varies. Some of the limits include:

  • Alberta => Maximum coverage of $0
  • Ontario => Maximum coverage of $25,000 for car damage and $200,000 for injuries
  • Manitoba => Maximum coverage of $200,000

These limits are per person and per incident. In some provinces, the uninsured motorist is required to be identified for a variety of legal reasons. In other provinces, the uninsured motorist can remain anonymous. Your personal injury lawyer can help you to determine exactly what kind of compensation you are entitled to in your situation.

The first thing a car accident lawyer is going to want to know is whether or not the other party in the accident was insured. If the other party was not insured, then the most immediate solution is to seek out the maximum amount of provincial money available to help out in the situation. This is extremely important if there have been any injuries or any serious property damage that would need to be repaired. The uninsured motorist may or may not be entitled to provincial financial assistance. The criteria for access to funding can change from province to province.

Any catastrophic injury claims that come from an accident with an uninsured motorist would have to take a completely different route than would normally occur. Everything would normally go through the insurance companies and the lawyers would battle directly with the insurance representatives. But with no insurance coverage, an uninsured motorist may open himself up to civil lawsuits from all of the parties involved.

Getting involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist can be tricky. You should never try to handle the situation on your own. If you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, then hire a personal injury lawyer immediately and let the professionals handle your case for you.


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