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Pedestrians Have To Remain Safe When Using Public Walkways

A personal injury lawyer will tell any pedestrian that even people walking on the public sidewalks have responsibilities for their own safety. In a busy city like Toronto, anything can happen to people who are minding their own business and walking along the public sidewalks. That is why it is important to understand the basic rules of pedestrian safety and avoid situations such as:

  • Being struck by a car.
  • Being struck by a bicycle or motorcycle.
  • Walking through an area with dangerous sidewalks.
  • Slipping and falling in bad conditions.

Any Toronto long term disability lawyer will have stories about clients who were walking alongside a city street and suddenly found themselves involved in a personal injury accident. It can happen to anyone and it can happen at any time. That is why a pedestrian always needs to pay attention to the weather conditions and their surroundings as they use the public walkways.

First and foremost, a pedestrian needs to be properly dressed in order to remain safe when walking in an Ontario city or town. If the weather is rainy or snowing, then the proper footgear and protective clothing is essential. Anyone who tries to walk the sidewalks wearing dress shoes with no foot protection is almost asking for an appointment with a slip and fall accident lawyer. The problem is that there may be less the lawyer can do for you if you did not dress appropriately for the weather.

When you read information on safe driving, you will see a lot of space dedicated to the dangers of distracted driving. People who try to drive a vehicle while reading a newspaper or eating lunch can be a hazard to everyone around them. The same is true for pedestrians who walk the sidewalks without paying complete attention to everything going on around them. Remember that distracted walking can be just as dangerous as driving while not paying attention.

In order to avoid problems while you are walking, you should always try to walk towards the middle of the sidewalk. If you walk too closely to the buildings, then you run the risk of getting injured by a door opening. If you walk to close to the roadway, then you run the risk of getting hit by someone who is making a sudden turn around a sharp corner. If you are walking too close to the street, then you may be involved in an auto accident if a driver loses control and goes up on the sidewalk. Try to stay towards the middle of the sidewalk, but also remember to respect others who are using the sidewalk as well.

Being a pedestrian walking alongside city streets does not mean that you are immune to potential traffic mishaps. When you are walking as a pedestrian in an Ontario city or town, it is important to pay attention to what is going on around you and wear the proper clothing and gear to keep yourself safe. When you are using the public walkways, your safety is your own responsibility.


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