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Safe Bicycling In A City Not So Friendly To Bicycles

While we would all like to believe that every big city in the province of Ontario has explicit laws about bicycling and every citizen is mindful of a bicyclist, that is not always the case. Toronto personal injury lawyers have plenty of cases where bicyclists assumed that an area was friendly to bicyclists, but found it to be the exact opposite. An area that is unfriendly to bicyclists lacks:

  • Lanes for bicyclists on the roads.
  • Pedestrians that do not work with bicyclists to prevent incidents.
  • Motor vehicles that do not yield to bicyclists to prevent accidents.
  • Ways for bicyclists to safely move from one part of the city to the other.

So what can you do to stay safe in a city where bicyclists are not exactly welcomed? Car accident lawyers get plenty of cases that involve bicyclists who felt that they had the right of way over a car, but learned the hard way that they did not. One of the things you can do to help yourself stay out of trouble in a city that is not keen on bicycles is to follow the flow of automobile traffic and adhere to the same traffic laws that the cars and trucks are using. When you flow with traffic and follow the same laws they do, then you have a much better chance of avoiding accidents.

Another suggestion for avoiding the need for catastrophic injury lawyers when riding your bike is to walk your bike in areas that are congested with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. If you observe traffic trends in a big city that do not accommodate bicycle traffic, then you will notice that many bicyclists are carrying their bikes when they cross the street or when they are trying to navigate areas where vehicles make sudden stops and turns. Instead of trying to force yourself into an area where you bike is simply not wanted, the best approach is to get off your bike and walk it until you are clear to ride.

Some of the accidents that happen between bicyclists and motorists in big cities are due to carelessness on both parties. Bicyclists should never try to ride along the row of cars that are parked along a curb because a motorist could suddenly open his door or pull out into traffic and cause problems.

Not every city is set up to be friendly to people on bicycles. Your best approach as a bicyclist looking to avoid problems is to keep an eye on traffic and pedestrians at all times and be prepared to do a lot of walking when things get dangerous. If you look out for yourself and take the proper steps to avoid an incident, then you will be able to get around a city much easier, even with a bicycle.


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