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Injured While on Public Transit - Understand Your RIghts

Public TransitUnbeknownst to many riders of public transit, Bill 173 which came into effect on May 12, 2011, now restricts rider’s abilities to receive accident benefits if they’ve suffered an injury while on public transit. For the millions of riders of public transit each day, there was minimal public coverage of this change in laws. Because Bill 173 affects so many people, it is important you know your rights if you’ve been injured while using public transit, or on public transit property.

Bill 173 states that only riders who have suffered a personal injury due to a public transit vehicle being involved in a motor vehicle accident are eligible to receive accident benefits.

Thus, if there is a head on collision by a bus with another vehicle, all people injured are entitled to receive accidental claim benefits. However, if the driver of the public transit vehicle has had to swerve to avoid a collision with another vehicle, but still causes a passenger to sustain personal injuries, that passenger is not entitled to any benefits, because there was no collision.

Prior to Bill 173, those injured on public transit where there was no motor collision involved were able to receive accident benefits. This allowed for quick payment to the injured and their families to offset the immediate costs sustained from their injuries. Because the impact of injuries can range in their severity, the financial need is often there, particularly for medical treatment, income loss, and rehabilitation if necessary.

The amended Bill 173 means that people who suffer a personal injury while on a public transit vehicle will not be able to receive accident benefits. However, because the deductible and threshold do not apply, it means that victims are still entitled to compensation, as there remain legal avenues to ensure you get the protection you deserve.

If you’ve suffered an injury while on public transit, first ensure that you receive the proper medical attention. A full examination by a doctor, clinic or hospital, is the first steps of recovery.

If you’ve been in an accident as a passenger on public transportation, contact the personal injury team at Himelfarb Proszanki. Their experience and knowledge in these cases will ensure that you will get the protection you deserve.

Navigating the legal waters when you’ve been injured on public transit has becoming increasingly difficult to ensure you receive financial compensation. Ensure that you protect your needs and the needs of your family during this time. Entrusting the knowledge and experience of a personal injury lawyer will ensure you and your family are supported through this difficult process, and receive the benefits you are entitled to.

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