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Stay Prepared For Dangerous Roadways

While the Ontario municipalities do their best to maintain the roadways, the best Toronto injury lawyer knows that there will always be situations that present driving challenges. Dangerous roadways can come in a variety of styles, which include:

  • Weather issues
  • Improperly maintained roads with potholes and other problems
  • Impediments in the road such as boulders and branches
  • Poor lighting

The car accident lawyers of Ontario want all drivers to know that auto insurance can help with car repairs and medical costs associated with dangerous roadways accidents, and there could be compensation due from the municipality as well. However, a driver should never take his eye off the road while out and about. When you are driving a vehicle, you are responsible for the safety of the people with you as well as anyone else on the road. You do not want your actions to cause an accident that could injure someone, which is why you should be very careful when driving on dangerous roadways.

Ontario lawyers such as David Himelfarb have a lot of clients who have been injured due to bad weather. Some of the most common weather conditions that make roadways dangerous include:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Hail

If the weather suddenly goes bad, then slow down and put on your headlights. Your headlights will help you to see what is coming up in front of you, and they will also warn others that you are coming. If you cannot see more than a foot or two in front of you, then it may be best to find a safe place off the roadway to pull over and ride out the storm.

One of the things you can do to help make dangerous roadways a little easier to drive on is keep your car properly maintained. Always make sure that all of your interior and exterior indicator lights are working properly and have your tires rotated or replaced as needed. When your vehicle is in top operating condition, then it is easier for you to maintain control of it in bad conditions.

Surprises on the roadway can make your trip a lot more challenging than it should be. Bad weather could cause a branch to suddenly fall into the road, or it could turn the street into a sheet of ice. Always be vigilant and keep an eye out for sudden changes in road conditions due to the weather.

When you drive up to a road construction site, always follow the instructions on the road signs or the instructions being given by the crew on the scene. Those signs and instructions are there for your safety. If you get injured due to your own negligence on the roads, then you may be on your own as far as paying for all of your injuries and damage.

Be smart when you are on the roads and be sure to take dangerous roadways very seriously. Do everything you can to avoid causing injury to yourself and others on the roads.


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