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Am I Entitled to Compensation from an Accident if I Was Not Driving?

Too many people think that they are not entitled to compensation from a personal injury accident for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons that people feel they cannot be compensated for their injuries in an accident include:

  • They were not driving the vehicle
  • They are related to the driver
  • They are not related to the driver
  • They do not know the driver at all
  • They were not in the front seat of the vehicle

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident and you have received injuries, then there is nothing in the Ontario laws that would prevent you from seeking compensation from the insurance companies involved. The biggest misconception is that a passenger is not allowed to get involved in a personal injury accident claim because they are the spouse of the driver. That is absolutely not true.

When you are injured as a passenger in a personal injury situation, you face the same challenges the driver does. If you are out of work due to your injuries, then you will have to deal with lost compensation. You will also have to determine who is paying for your care after the injury and how you will pay for any future care you might need as well.

If you have been the passenger in a personal injury accident, then you need to hire an experienced lawyer immediately. You are entitled to the same information the driver receives, such as police reports and witness accounts. You should also avoid talking to the insurance companies until you have had time to talk to a lawyer. If the insurance companies need to be contacted, then your lawyer can take care of that for you.

Being involved in a personal injury accident as a passenger is just as frightening as it is for the driver. A passenger can sustain injuries that could completely change his or her life. Do not assume that, just because you are a passenger, that you do not have rights to compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer and protect your rights and get the compensation you are entitled to.


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