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Overcoming Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Stress seems to be an accepted part of the workplace in this modern day and age. The expectations of companies have risen, but the resources afforded to employees seem to be dwindling. Employees must learn to do more with less or they risk losing their jobs. The constant pressure to perform has created the potential for workplaces that are mentally unhealthy.
The Canadian Government recognizes the challenges that modern day employees face and has created the Mental Health Works program to help companies to create nurturing and healthy work environments. If you feel that your workplace is a mentally unhealthy environment, then you should encourage your company to contact the Mental Health Works program. Your company will receive the assistance it needs to help reduce stress and create more productive employees.
What are the things that create stress in a workplace? Some of the more common causes of stress include:

  • Tight deadlines
  • Internal conflict
  • Pay disputes
  • Changes in company policy due to government regulations
  • Asking more production from employees without providing the proper tools

The result of these kinds of situations is stress that can manifest itself in many different ways. Overworked employees can suffer from exhaustion, mental fatigue or have a complete mental breakdown. Some employees can become disgruntled with the pressure they feel the company has put on the staff and that can result in workplace violence. None of these are situations that any company wants to encourage.
There is a big difference between a workplace with a healthy level of competition, and a workplace that is creating an unnecessarily high amount of stress. Companies can often misinterpret stress as healthy competition, and this is where the gap between the staff and company management can occur. This lack of understanding can only help to perpetuate what is already a very sensitive situation.
Many companies offer employees ways to relieve stress that include paid personal days, and some companies even bring in counselors to help employees voice their concerns. It is very healthy for a company to acknowledge that it has a mentally unhealthy workplace, because that is often the point where fixing the problem can begin.
When your company allows the professionals at the Mental Health Works program to assist in reducing stress and creating a healthier work environment, there are several benefits for the company. Some of the more immediate benefits include:

  • Less sick time
  • Higher production
  • Higher morale
  • Stronger feeling of involvement in the company’s success

The worst thing a company can do is allow a bad situation to get worse. If your company has a stressful and mentally unhealthy work environment, then you need to initiate the steps that will help solve the problem.
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