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Honesty About Your Injuries Will Make Your Personal Injury Case Easier for Your Lawyer

In the province of Ontario, a person suing an insurance company for compensation due to limited mobility as the result of a personal injury needs to make sure their injuries qualify for a pain and suffering award. Insurance companies will take every measure necessary to discredit a plaintiff and try to show that the plaintiff actually has good mobility.

One of the ways that insurance companies discredit plaintiffs is through surveillance videos. The insurance company will hire a private investigator to follow you and catalog your movements to see if you are able to perform activities that would preclude you from pain and suffering awards. The insurance company stands to lose a lot of money if damages are awarded, which is why the company does not mind investing in a private detective to follow you around and record your movements.

Some of the expenses the insurance company could be liable for if you are awarded compensation for pain and suffering include:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Ongoing Recovery Therapy
  • In-house Medical Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Lost Income Recovery Awards

The best way to present a case to a judge or jury that will result in you winning your personal injury award is if you are honest with your lawyer about your injuries. If you exaggerate your injuries to your attorney and you are found to be lying, then that can be deemed as fraud and your attorney will not be in a hurry to represent you for the fraud case.

You should keep in mind that the insurance company will have someone recording your movements at all time once you have filed a personal injury case. To help your case and help your attorney, you should follow doctor's orders and not perform any tasks that could be seen as damaging to your health and to your personal injury case.

When your lawyer prepares your case for court, he will try to establish that:

  • You have lost income due to the injury.
  • You have racked up medical and other costs that you have had to pay for out of pocket.
  • Your condition will require you to have in-home medical attention.
  • Your inability to care for yourself will also require you to have housekeeping services.
  • You do have legitimate pain and suffering.
  • You will have future medical treatment and care costs that need to be covered.

All of these costs can add up and you will need the help of a personal injury lawsuit to meet these financial obligations. Be aware of the fact that the insurance company will be watching you at all times and give your lawyer the honest truth about your personal injury medical condition. Telling the truth can mean the difference between getting your medical costs taken care of for the rest of your life, or having to find ways to pay your own medical bills.


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