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Class Action Lawsuits Can Be Powerful Legal Tools

In Canada, groups of people who have been injured by the negligence of a single person or a single entity can bring a class action lawsuit against that negligent party to try and get financial compensation. If you are part of a group of people that has been injured by the negligence of others, then you should consider hiring a lawyer and becoming involved in a class action lawsuit to receive compensation you deserve.

In many cases, a class action personal injury lawsuit is brought against manufacturers of defective products. Some of the more common class action lawsuits are brought against:

  • Auto makers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Power tool manufacturers
  • Medical equipment companies

A class action lawsuit usually begins with a small group of plaintiffs who have experienced an injury as the result of a single entity. That small group of plaintiffs hires a law firm to get the legal process started. Once the lawsuit is in effect, the law firm will then put out a notice to invite anyone who qualifies under the lawsuit criteria to join in the litigation.

People who join class action lawsuits are often asked to fill out detailed questionnaires and provide proof that they have a claim in the suit.

There are several reasons why groups of plaintiffs band together and create class action lawsuits. These include:

  • A class action suit, even though it can take many years to complete, can still sometimes be a faster and more efficient way to claim damages than having several individual lawsuits.
  • When plaintiffs agree to share the costs of litigation, they can be lower for each individual. This is especially helpful in class action lawsuits against major corporations who have extensive legal resources.
  • A class action lawsuit that includes a large list of qualified plaintiffs has more credibility in the eyes of the court than a class action lawsuit with very few plaintiffs. If the pressure from a large list of plaintiffs is significant enough, then the defendant may choose to settle out of court and end the process before it gets too expensive.

If you feel that you have been injured by the negligence of a single entity, then you may qualify to be part of a class action lawsuit. Before you file a suit of your own, see if you can save yourself some money and time by joining an existing class action lawsuit.

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