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Off-Roading and Personal Injuries

If you ask a personal injury lawyer in the Province of Ontario if there are any rules to off-roading, he or she will tell you that there most definitely are. When you talk about off-roading, you are talking about activities such as:

  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiling
  • Motocross Biking
  • Four-Wheel Driving with a Jeep or road vehicle

It is all great fun until someone gets hurt and then the implications can become serious. As you get ready to go off-roading, car accident lawyers of Ontario would like you to keep some simple safety tips in mind. The smarter you are about off-roading, the more you can do to prevent accidents and injuries.

Almost every off-road vehicle needs to be registered with the Ontario government before it can be used on or off the road. If you get into an accident with a vehicle that is supposed to be registered but is not, then you are making things extremely difficult on yourself. You could be jeopardizing your chance to get financial assistance that could be critical to your recovery.

Just because you are off-roading does not make the injuries any less real. Some people feel that, since they are not out on the paved roads with other vehicles, they will not experience the same level of injury that they would on the road. A person who is injured in an off-roading accident can be just as liable to spend the rest of his or her life needing medical care as someone who was injured on the roads. The pain and consequences of off-roading accidents are very real, so prepare for each off-roading adventure as you would any other driving excursion.

Toronto long-term disability lawyers constantly hear stories about people who neglected to wear their safety equipment when they were off-road and that made their injuries even worse. The laws regarding protective gear when off-roading were made to protect people. If you feel that the laws are optional just because the law cannot see you out in the woods, then you miss the point of the laws and you will suffer the consequences. Safety gear is required to prevent you from getting injured. If you choose not to wear your safety gear just because the law cannot see you, then you are unnecessarily risking your own life.

If the people you are with are not following safety rules while off-roading, then that does not mean that you have to follow suit. Some people mistake fun for unnecessary risk and wind up getting seriously injured. When you are out on the open trails having a good time, make sure that you follow the safety rules and avoid having your good time turn into a disaster. If your friends decide not to follow the safety rules, then it is your responsibility to remind them of the dangers they are facing. If you are completely uncomfortable with the situation, then walk away. When you follow the safety rules of off-roading, you give yourself a much better chance of being able to walk away from an accident.


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