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The Other Party Will Not Give Me Their Vehicle Information

One of the things that people need to keep in mind after an accident, even a minor fender bender, is that everything happens fast and people can get upset. The smart thing to do after you have been involved in an accident, no matter how minor, is to take a deep breath and calm yourself. After you are calm, then you should make sure that you or others in your vehicle are not injured. The worst thing you can do is check yourself for injuries while you are still in a panic. The best way to proceed is to calm yourself first, and then check to see if you or your passengers are hurt.

If there are serious injuries, then you should contact emergency personnel immediately. But if it is a minor scrape to your vehicle, then there are probably not going to be any noticeable injuries. However, it should be noted that even a minor collision can result in injuries that you do not feel immediately. Once the adrenaline from the accident starts to wear off, back and neck pain may become apparent that was not apparent earlier. If you do not have the insurance information from the other driver, then you could be out of luck.

In most cases, people know the rules of the road and they know that they need to present their insurance information even in the most minor of collisions. According to section 200 of the Highway Traffic Act, each motorist involved in any kind of collision must exchange information that includes:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Driver’s License Information

There may come a time when you are involved in a collision and the other driver refuses to exchange information. In extreme cases, the driver may even drive away from the scene without even attempting to talk to you. The first thing you, or someone in your vehicle, should do is get the other party’s license plate number. That information can be used to track the vehicle and its owner.

The next step is to remain at the scene of the accident, but get to a safe place out of traffic, and call a police officer. Too many people drive to the local police station to report an unruly accident participant and that puts the police in a bad spot. The police need to know exactly where the accident took place in order to create an accurate report. An accurate police report is essential if your accident leads to a court case, so you will want to cooperate with the officer and make it as easy as possible for him or her to create a report.


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