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Drivers Under the Age of 21 in Ontario Better Think Twice About Drinking and Driving

There is nothing worse than to be a young person with your whole life ahead of you, and then to make bad decisions that haunt you well into your later years. The Province of Ontario has always been tough on drunk driving, but it is taking an especially tough stand on those drivers who fall between the ages of 18 and 20. There are stipulations that not even the best car accident lawyer can bypass.

The legal ramifications of drunk driving at any age can be devastating. But for someone who is just starting out in life, those consequences can have long-reaching effects. Some of the more common problems that can occur when driving while drunk include:

  • Personal injury to the driver, passengers and pedestrians
  • The possibility of a fatality
  • A blemish on one’s driving record that could affect things such as future job possibilities
  • A rise in insurance costs for many years to come

As for the law in Ontario, there is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to teens and drunk driving. Some of the highlights of legislation passed a few years ago in Ontario include:

  • The immediate 24-hour suspension of the driver’s license
  • A 30-day license suspension if convicted
  • Fines totaling up to $500
  • A necessary re-licensing program that takes almost two years to complete

Some of this can seem like a light sentence to a drunk driver, but remember that this is a zero tolerance policy. That means that any amount of alcohol in a teen driver’s system can bring about all of these repercussions. Most of the fines and penalties involved are automatically initiated as soon as the teen is confirmed to have alcohol in his or her system. The rest occur as the teen goes through the legal process.

The two big things that happen are a drunk driving conviction, and the two-year re-licensing program. If a teen is caught driving with any alcohol in his or her system, he or she will no longer be a teenager by the time he completes his or her obligations to the court. It can be a very depressing way to spend the rest of your teenage years.

The other thing to consider is the insurance ramifications of any lawsuits or claims that could arise from a drunk driving incident. Being a teen in an accident is one thing, but being a teen in an accident with alcohol in his breath is much more serious. The potential insurance problems and catastrophic injury claims that could plague the teenager could last for years. He or she will see an immediate rise in his or her insurance rates, and he or she runs the risk of not being able to get insurance for some time in the future.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 20 in the Province of Ontario, then you need to be smart when it comes to alcohol. The zero tolerance policy in the province makes it difficult for even the best personal injury lawyer to protect you.


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