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Diving Accidents - Learn How to Keep Summer Fun

Diving Accidents

Among the many water sports people engage in during the summer months, diving into lakes and pools from structures such as trees, rocks, cliffs, balconies, and boats is a particularly dangerous recreation which can lead to serious personal injury or death. These accidents generally occur as a result of a diver’s unfamiliarity with the depth of the body of water below him or her. Injuries resulting from an unsafe dive into a shallow body of water can include head, fractures, dislocations, and spinal cord injuries. According to the Greater Sudbury Police’s website, 70% of all sport and recreation related spinal injuries result from diving accidents and Ontario ranks number two in the world in terms of spinal cord injuries caused by diving. Of everyone who suffers from diving-related spinal cord injuries, young males between the ages of 17-22 are the most at risk and alcohol has also been reported to play a role in some accidents which have resulted in injury.

Spinal cord injuries are serious. They can result in quadriplegia or paraplegia. Accordingly, before diving into a lake or pool, you should have a clear understanding of the depth of water below you, the composition of the floor below the water, as well as any safety measures you may need to employ in case of an emergency.

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