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Be Aware of the Many Different Kinds of Driving Accidents

When people get into a car accident, one of their first thoughts is to call a Toronto personal injury lawyer to have their rights protected. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about driving accidents is that there is only one kind, and that is the kind where two cars collide. When you become more aware of the variety of ways that you can get involved in an auto accident, then you may be better prepared to prevent one.

Auto on Auto

The auto on auto driving accident is the most recognizable, but it is far from the only variety available. This kind of accident can involve a car, truck, motorcycle or anything else that is considered a road-worthy motor vehicle. Car accident lawyers hear a lot of stories from people involved in auto on auto accidents, and it is up to the experienced lawyer to separate fact from fiction.

Auto on Pedestrian

Sometimes the most horrific type of driving accident is when an automobile hits a pedestrian. This can be the result of the driver not paying attention to his surroundings, the pedestrian walking suddenly into the road between two parked vehicles, or it could the tail end of an accident between two vehicles that sends one vehicle out of control into a group of pedestrians.

Single Auto Accident

Catastrophic injury lawyers hear a lot of stories about single auto accidents where a car hits a pole or another parked car and the driver is seriously injured. In these cases, having a lawyer on your side is critical because there could be circumstances which lead to the accident that were not the driver’s fault. If it can be proven that the driver was not completely negligent, then that can affect the financial compensation and long-term medical care options available to the driver. For example, poorly maintained roads could have led to the crash and that would have a bearing on how the insurance companies would react.

Recreational Auto Accident

People do not think about ATVs or other recreational vehicles as being automobiles, but the province of Ontario does. When you are out enjoying your snowmobile in the open plains of Ontario, the government still expects you to abide by all of the safety laws that apply to the situation. If something were to happen and it was discovered that not all of the applicable safety laws were followed, then that can have an effect on how the government and the insurance companies see the situation.

Bicycle Accidents

There is an entirely different set of laws regulating the use of bicycles on public roads and the government expects everyone to abide by those laws. There are helmet laws for people of a certain age and there is a whole list of safety equipment that bicyclists need to be aware of before they hit the road. The worst thing that you can do is make yourself a potential victim by ignoring all of the Ontario bicycling safety laws.


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