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Dental Malpractice - Important Questions to Ask a New Dentist

Dental MalpracticeSeeing a dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining your overall oral health. The vast majority of us see a dentist on a regular basis for cleanings as well as general care including fillings and other minor work. Furthermore, cosmetic dentistry is an increasingly popular option for many people who wish to change or improve the look of their smile or whiten or brighten their teeth. Most of us enjoy regular visits to the dentist with no further problems or issues. However, when dental malpractice occurs, the patient can experience tremendous pain and hardship as a result. The sensitivity of the mouth can mean that any work performed may cause the patient discomfort, while the healing period can mean disruption from daily activities like eating and oral hygiene regimens.

Dental malpractice accounts for a relatively small percentage of all medical malpractice cases. The available data indicates that roughly 5% of all malpractice cases in 2001 involved dentists. The data also reveals that the majority of malpractice claims involve prosthetic dentistry, which may include treatments such as bridges or dentures. A large number of dental malpractice claims also involve endodontic dentistry, which involves work inside the tooth, such as root canals and other similar procedures.

While dental malpractice is a relatively rare occurrence, concerns or suspicions around possible cases must be treated very seriously. Because of the importance of oral health to your overall medical health as well as your physical appearance, concerns of dental malpractice should always be referred to a qualified personal injury lawyer. To help protect yourself and loved ones against possible cases of malpractice, always ensure your dentist is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. It is also prudent to have a conversation with a new dentist you are seeing about their accreditation as well as professional background. This is a perfectly reasonable course of action and one that can reveal cause for concern as well as put your mind at ease regarding your new dentist’s qualifications.

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