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Be Smart When Driving an ATV in Ontario

In the province of Ontario, there are a lot of laws that govern how people can drive ATVs. The laws are put in place to protect people and if you do not abide by them, you could find yourself in court as the defendant in your passenger’s personal injury case. Furthermore, if you do not follow the laws and do not exercise good common sense, then the legal system will not be on your side if an accident happens.

All-Terrain vehicles can be a lot of fun, but you need to utilize good judgment before heading out to the trails. Some of the quick tips you can use to be safe include:

  • Use designated ATV trails in public parks and other public areas. Avoid traveling through an uncharted area because there could be dangers that will cause an accident.
  • If you take a passenger, be sure to follow all of the safety rules regarding ATV passengers. If your vehicle is not designed to take passengers, or passengers are not allowed to ride on the trails you are using, then do not take a passenger with you.
  • Only use your ATVs in daylight so that you can always see where you are going.
  • If inclement weather starts while you are out driving your ATV, then get off the trail and to a safe spot as soon as possible.

The Province of Ontario publishes safety guidelines that every ATV owner should be aware of and use. The guidelines are developed to protect you and your passengers and to make sure that no one gets hurt when you are out enjoying your ATV.

Take a Government Safety Course

Many people make the mistake of thinking that an ATV operates much like a car or motorcycle. An ATV is a unique vehicle that requires a different kind of approach. To learn the proper way to handle an ATV, you need to take a safety course that teaches government-approved methods. Once you learn how to properly handle an ATV, you can avoid problems when you are out on the trails.

Perform Regular Maintenance

If you do not inspect your ATV prior to riding it and perform routine maintenance, then small problems can create big accidents. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions on performing regular maintenance on your ATV and always look your ATV over thoroughly prior to using it each and every time.

Wear Certified Safety Gear

When you buy safety gear for your ATV, make sure the gear is designed to work with ATV driving. The government has information on the kinds of safety gear that ATV drivers should wear at all times. You should get your hands on those resources and make sure that you are properly protected at all times.


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